Written Examination - Writing

Writing, 2 parts, 1 hr 30 mins, 25 points

Part 1: Transactional e-mail based on reading 120 – 150 words

Part 2: Factual report,  based on graphic materials, 200-250 words

What is expected of you at level B2?

  • Write clear, detailed and logically structured texts related to field of interest.
  • Develop arguments using emphasis and supporting information.
  • Write letters specialty expressing facts and opinions, and using an appropriate tone.
  • Write in a legible handwriting.
  • Formal writing: begin a letter with “Dear Sir/Madam,” and end it with “Yours faithfully,
  • Less formal: We begin it with “Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms + name,” and we end it with “Yours sincerely,
  • Informal: We can begin it with “Dear John,” and we end it with “Best regards,” or “Best wishes,
  • Do not use short forms in formal writing (isn’t, doesn’t, sth)
  • Use either American or British English but be consistent throughout text

What are the examiners checking for?


  • Structure – simple or more complex
  • Accuracy – spelling, verb tenses, etc.


  • Range – variety and some idiomatic use
  • Accuracy – spelling, verb tenses, etc.


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