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Subject-Specific and Specialized Accreditation - Potential for Cooperation and Cross-Country Accreditation

The EASPA-INQAAHE Conference was successfully implemented on Monday, 26 May 2014 in Tallinn, Estonia

The speakers included

Carol L. Bobby, President of the International Network of Quality Assuranc Agencies in Higher Education

. EASPA: Role and function of cooperation in subject-specific Quality assurance

Iring Wasser, President EASPA, presentation

· ASPA: State of the Art of subject-specific accreditation in the US

Laura Rasar King, Incoming Chair American Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors, presentation

· Current trends Tuning around the world

Edurne Bartolomé Peral, Tuning Academy, presentation

· APQN: Moving towards subject-specific accreditation in Asia

Jagannath Patil, President Asia-Pacific Quality Network (APQN), presentation

. Regional inter-governmental Quality assurance in Africa

Cosam Joseph, Inter-University Council for East Africa, presentation

· EPBS: the role of the profession in the development of field-specific qualifications

Marie Culliton, President, European Association for Professions in Biomedical Science, presentation

· CONAET: Initiatives for mutual recognition of accreditation in the area of tourism

Rafael Gutierrez Niebla, President Consejo Nacional para la Calidad de la Educacion Turistica, presentation


We thank all the Speakers and the participants for the dicussions. We are looking forward to meeting you again next year!