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The Second Global Conference will take place

in Chicago, USA on March 31, 2015

Under the umbrella and with support of INQAAHE, the international community of specialized and professional accrediting agencies has grown into a vast network of quality assurance agencies all across the globe. ASIIN, its partner organizations in the European Alliance of Subject Specific and Professional Quality Assurance and Accreditation (EASPA) as well as our American sister ASPA are inviting all INQAAHE members and partner institutions from across the globe to attend our second global conference after its successfull inauguration in Tallinn, Estonia one year ago.

The conference will revolve around the following topics:

  • The importance of transnational disciplinary qualification framework and LO conventions for regional integration processes, as witnessed in almost all world regions

  • The process of developing benchmarks/methodology of elaborating disciplinary standards and their link to mutual recognition agreements

  • The introduction of professional cards as a tool for fostering international mobility

  • Successful examples for regional/continental professional QA networks from around the globe: here the floor will be given to continental organization from America (ASPA), Europe (EASPA) and other member associations from Africa, the Americas as well as Asia to present their newest ideas and endeavors to the interested public.

Further information and registration is possible on the conference website - here.


13:30 – 13:40

Introduction to the conference

13:40 – 14:10

The importance of transnational qualification frameworks and learning outcome conventions for regional integration

- Dr. Iring Wasser, President EASPA, Managing Director ASIIN –

Room for questions and discussion


14:10 – 15:00

Developing subject-specific benchmarks as tool for internal and external quality assurance

The example of East Africa

- Prof. Mike Kuria, Inter-University Council for East-Africa (IUCEA)


The example of the Carribbean

- Lorna M. Parkins, Carribean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and Other Health Professions


Room for questions and discussion

15:00 – 15:20

The next step: Professional cards as tool for professional mobility

Achievements of the engineerING card in Europe

- Ralph Appel, Lars Funk, VDI Association of German Engineers


Room for questions and discussion

15:20 – 16:20

Successful examples of subject-specific regional networks and the accomplishment of mutual recognition

Presentation of networks around the world

- ASPA, Daniela Iacona, ABET


- EQANIE, Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Heiss, Past-President


- THE-ICE, Pauline Tang, CEO


16:20 – 16:30

Concluding remarks: Summaries and Outlook

- Jana Möhren, Secretary General EQANIE, Secretary EASPA -

Eqanie Easpa Chicago 31-01-2015

Benchmarking in East Africa

Easpa Presentation Parkins Lorna March 2015

Pauline Tang