With the explanatory remarks taken into careful consideration, most sections in the overall structure of the Diploma Supplement need no further clarification in order to be effectively used for third cycle studies in chemical sciences. Nonetheless, in actual examples two items do not appear to cover all issues.

In fact, information included in item 4.3 is usually simply referring to the Transcript of Studies, or is proceeding to a general depiction of programme details7. In the third cycle, the Transcript of Studies is not always fully presenting all study/research outcomes, while overall descriptions lack the necessary individualisation.

It is recommended that item 4.3 takes the form of a short portfolio including the following:

 Thesis (title, abstract, reference, supervising body, board of examiners).

 Publications (title, abstract, reference).

 Taught/organised component (transcript of courses and relevant marks/credits).

 Mobility forming official part of the programme (frame, outcomes).

 Tutoring activities forming official part of the programme (list).

Furthermore, item 6.1 is practically never considered as an opportunity to complete the holder’s profile. However, chemical scientists who are about to be awarded the doctoral degree can often give proof of mobility, tutoring activities, participation in intensive programmes or award of distinctions relevant to the qualification, which do not form official part of the study programme. Once these activities are attested by the supervising body and/or the board of examiners, it is recommended that they should be referred to under item 6.1.



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