The analysis was chiefly based on questionnaires, which were subsequently completed with interviews.

A specifically designed questionnaire was uploaded in the Internet, and made reachable in October and November 2013. It addressed several types of stakeholders, such as industrial companies, governmental organisations and research institutes, which all were permanently related to activities involving chemical sciences in general.

Care was taken to disseminate information on the issue through all possible appropriate channels. There was a total response rate of 31%to the on-line query.

The questionnaire was first asking responders to present their organisations, and was further focused on their eventual collaborations with Higher Education Institutions, on their recruitment policies and human resources development, and on their using the Diploma Supplement while engaging staff.

It was structured as follows:

«Thank you for sharing your views and experience on the tools necessary for a transparent recruitment of doctorate holders in your organisation. The questionnaire is aimed at assisting early stage researchers to illustrate their qualifications in a way most appropriate for entering the labour market.

You may fill in the name of your organisation and your contact address. In any case the names and institutions will not be released in connection with the survey results.

Please answer the questions by ticking the appropriate boxes, and specify your answers where indicated.»

In November 2013, several structured interviews took place, and addressed key issues in a more detailed way.

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